Little Hecks opened in June 2014, with Hydrofarm as our main supplier. In the short amount of time we have been open, we have added several dozen new suppliers, all of them being leaders in their industry propelling us to being a leader in ours. Our success relies on our clients’ success. We pride ourselves in giving our knowledge and top notch customer service, with a smile.

Our website is now operating with the same quality, service and knowledge to people around the country, whether you are a novice or a professional. Questions can be answered on line in our Blog, you can also take a virtual tour of our store or view pictures in our gallery.

You can view our full line of Hydrofarm products at

We sell many choices of lighting supplies including T5’s, HPS, MH as well as induction and LED lighting, featuring Black Dog, Solar Storm and KIND.

We also sell many forms of media, including Sunshine, Happy Frog, Royal Gold, Coco mixes, as well as our in store made Super Soil. For the Hydro lovers, we carry rock wool and clay pellets.